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Pipa conduit, Flexible conduit , Flexible metal conduit AMD Indonesia is the Best Providers in Wiring Accesories & Piping System AMD Indonesia. founded in 2000. We are a company that develops a stable specializing in electrical, mechanical, pipe system and construction available. We currently serve over Indonesia. We are always innovating to meet the best service standards by providing convenience, flexibility, security for you in finding and buying the product, so you have many advantages. We are proud of our ability to help customers solve problems and meet the procurement of their goals. AMD is committed to customer satisfaction! We provide exceptional service at competitive prices, best products, together with a variety of administrative support, technical, fast delivery and always dependable. We have the segmentation in the electricity, Mining, Industrial, Projects, Telecommunications. We are special in distribution product : * * KSS - Cable Ties, Cable Markers, Wiring Duct, Cable Clamps, Bushings Conduits, PVC Tube, Wire Connector * HELLERMANN TYTON / INSULOK - Cable Ties, Cable Tie Mounts, Cable Protection, Cable Identification * HEX / UNIBELL / U-GLAND - Brass Cable Glands, Accesories Cable Glands, Cable Lugs * HAWKE / OSCG - Explotion Proof Cable Gland, Accesories Cable Glands * FORT/ TPG - Power supply, Command switch, Terminal, Wiring Accesories * TAB - Relay, Rail, Terminal Blok, Volt meter, ampere meter, CT, Control switch, Fuse, Alarm, Tower lamp, Isolator, Liquid level control, sirene, foot switch, RPM meter, Hour meter, kilowatt meter * HI-BOX / TI-BOX - Junction Box, Terminal Box * WAROM -Explotion Proof Lighting, Luminaire, Fluorescent Lamp, Balas, Junction Box * FUKUDENSEN JAPAN - Heat Resistance/ Vinil/ Silicon Cable, Screen/ Shielded Cable * TAI SHAN - Crimping Tools * HAITAN - Box Panel Accesories * WISENHEIMER - LBS & COS Switchgear box * NAMSUNG - NT Fuse Link, Cutout and Arrester * PANASONIC/ WAHANA - Pipe Conduit & Fitting * HI-FLEX / BLISS / TI-FLEX / NITECK / SANKEI / DURATECH / ARROWTITE - Flexible Conduit & Accesories * GINDE / RIFENG - Multilayer pipe for plumbing, heating, gas, PPR pipe, PVC-U * WESTPEX - Pex pipe & Fitting * KITZ - Valve Has more than hundred kinds of products that already awarded lots of international standard certificates such as UL, CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and more. To innovate new products and satisfied customers need is a major daily concern for Our Product.
Jl.AMD Raya 15/16 Graha Bintaro